We have amazing opportunities for your products and brands that are waiting for you. Horror films are distributed in many countries (and in many formats) adding valuable young audiences to your customer portfolio. These films can also benefit from engaging relationships through social media, digital marketing and much more! If you really want to take advantage of all that film and transmedia can do for your company, get in touch with us and learn about the projects we have in EARLY DEVELOPMENT phase. There are lots of ways we can work together in order to bring your products and brands into international screens and devices in ways that are fluid, seamless, subtle - yet unforgettable.

The study "The Impact of Fear on Emotional Brand Attachment" suggests just this: "The need for people to affiliate during fear is so strong that it doesn't matter what the other side of the affiliation is: an actual person, a bottle of water, a bag of chips, or a corporate logo. It also doesn't matter if viewers can touch the products or not—simply being in proximity with the viewer makes brand attachment possible."

Plus, not all brands and products fit well into a horror film, making your presence even more exclusive. If you want to know more, get in touch with us and we'll be delighted to show you what we are developing.